His Graciousness Vallalar established Dharuma Salai on 23.05.1867 to feed the poor with food and thus removing the hunger of helpless poor. In other words this Salai can be considered as a workshop which trains people to become fit to serve others with selflessness, sincerity, politeness, humbleness and obedience.

SATHIYA DHARUMA SALAI is a rich resourceful place that imparts Divine qualities and Grace of the Almighty.

SATHIA GNANA SABAI ( 25.01.1872 ) :

His Graciousness Vallalar constructed an octagonal Hall of Wisdom ( SATHIA GNANA SABAI ) in the year 1871. This grand great construction cannot be seen  as a building made up with the sand and bricks. Sathiya Gnana Sabai is the perfect model of our physical body (pindom) as well as the universe ( Andam ). In other Pindam is a tiny. Andarn and Andam is the largest Pindarm. Both are same in its contents, character and functions thus the Holy Gnana Sabai resembles the true structure can able to get rid of all illusions such as anger, lust, selfishness, untruth etc then he could see and experience the Great Divine Grace Light in His Inner Self. This experience is symbolically shown in Sathya Gnana Sabai ( Hall of Wisdom ) by removing seven colour screens ( illusions ) one by one and finally the Great Divine  Grace Light ( Arut Perun Jothi ) will be shown dazzling. This is called ‘ JOTHI DHARSHAN ‘.

Jothi darshan is conducted once in 27 days that is on the day which falls on the astrological star, namely “ poosam “. In the month of ‘ Thai ‘ the tamil month ( January / February ) when the FULL MOON and POOSAM star coincide, that day is called ‘ THAIPOOSAM ‘ . ‘Thai Poosam’ is grandly celebrated every year at Gnanasabai. On ‘Thai Poosam’ is grandly celebrated every year at Gnanasabai. On ‘ Thai Poosam ‘ day our soul and inner self is elated to higher level and it is very easy to experience the Bliss of Arut perun jothi.

His Graciousness Vallalar was with great compassion directed us to come and experience the Jothi Dharasan in Gnanasabai on every Poosam day to attain divinity.